Nomadic Traces: Journeys of Arabian Scripts
Creative Weekend

21-22 June 2019

Warehouse421 is convening a two-day Creative Weekend that will provide new insights into the extensive research and production process that went into the making of the Nomadic Traces: Journeys of Arabian Scripts exhibition [still showing at Warehouse421 until 28 July].

The Creative Weekend features an engaging mix of hands-on workshops and moderated panel discussions that are all open to the public. Topics to be explored include pre-Islamic written cultural heritage and its relevance to contemporary art and design from the region, the role of writing and calligraphy within Islamic material culture, and the potential for art and graphic design to communicate regional cultural narratives.

Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy

Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy

21 June 2019

This workshop will introduce participants to the history and practice of Arabic calligraphy through a combination of presentations and practical exercises.

It will begin with an illustrated lecture on:

  • The history and development of Arabic calligraphy.
  • The different styles of Islamic calligraphy and how each style differs from the other in terms of forms and proportions.
  • Examples of the great masters in different styles.

The purpose of the workshop is to familiarize participants with the aesthetic elements of Arabic calligraphy, with a particular focus on early Kufic and eastern Kufic styles. Through hands-on practice, participants will be introduced to traditional calligraphy materials and be guided on how to use ink and traditional reed pens to write basic letter forms and words in these authentic Arabic scripts.

Instructor Bio: Born in Basra in 1974, Wissam Shawkat is an award-winning artist and designer based in Dubai, with a focus on Arabic calligraphy and typography. His work departs from classic calligraphy yet maintains its craftsmanship. Since 2003 he has been working on a new script named after himself (Al Wissam Style), and in recent years, he started ‘Calligraforms’, an art movement that merges the graphic qualities found in classic letterforms and western Abstraction and Cubism. Wissam has had many solo shows and has participated in many group exhibitions. His calligraphy and typography designs have appeared in several books and magazines about art and design.

16:00- 19:00

Wissam Shawkat, Artist & Designer