New Beginnings

This is exhibition celebrates the work of students from the class of 2018 from Brighton College Abu Dhabi, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi, The British School – Al Khubairat, and, The British International School Abu Dhabi. Visitor are invited to view the work of our next generation of creatives.

2 October 2018 - 6 October 2018

Redefining Space: Between Borders

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery will present artworks by Camille Zakharia. While the photographic collage works carry a fluid abstract characteristic on the surface, upon close reflection, subtle patterns composed of specific signifiers and symbols begin to emerge on the surface, reflecting the artist’s itinerary journey away from his native land, and his attempt to find harmony within the boundaries of places he calls Home.

8 September 2018 - 30 September 2018

Kamal Boullata: A Survey of Recent Paintings 

Abu Dhabi Art and Meem Gallery will present a survey of works by Palestinian art historian and artist, Kamal Boullata hosted at Warehouse421. The exhibition will be comprised of Boullata’s last three series, Addolcendo, Angelus and Bilqis. This exhibition will be the first time that these three interconnected bodies of work will be shown together, and will offer audiences a unique opportunity to view and acquire the artist’s recent oeuvre in one setting. Boullata’s paintings are created to reflect a sense of time and a feeling of light, giving the viewer a feeling of spatial ambiguity.

24 April 2018 - 13 May 2018

Letters: Fragments of a Memory

H.E. Omar Saif Ghobash's 'letters' to his young Muslim son in the book Letters To A Young Muslim serves as the pivot around which artists respond in this latest exhibition by ATHR, Letters: Fragments of a Memory. Artists exhibiting in the show, with their work on sale, include Abdulkareem Qasem, Ahmed Mater, Ayman Yossri Daydban, Aya Haidar, Hazem Harb, Hajra Waheed, Joseph Rodriguez, Manal Al Dowayan, Moath Alofi, Muhannad Shono, Rund Alarabi, Rayyane Tabet, Saddek Wasil and Sara Rahbar.

The opening night of the exhibition includes a performance of And Here I Am by Ahmed Tobasi at 19:00.

This exhibition is brought to you by Abu Dhabi Art and ATHR gallery.

15 March 2018 - 15 April 2018

Untold Stories Retold

For the first time in the UAE, the two most recent national exhibitions unveiled by the UAE at the Venice Biennale are presented through an exhibition at Warehouse421 that explores the UAE’s participation at one of the art world’s oldest institution

Transformations: The Emirati National House, curated by Dr. Yasser Elsheshtawy, the UAE’s National Exhibition from the Venice Biennale’s 15th International Architecture Exhibition in 2016;

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Positions in Play, curated by Hammad Nasar, the UAE’s National Exhibition from the Venice Biennale’s 57th International Art Exhibition in 2017.

Visitors are invited to begin their journey into these exhibitions with an introduction to the UAE’s participation in the Venice Biennale and a behind-the-scenes view into the making of a national exhibition.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with the National Pavilion UAE – La Biennale di Venezia

National Pavilion UAE – La Biennale di Venezia

Transformations: The Emirati National House

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Positions in Play

7 March 2018 - 18 July 2018

In The Making

A touring exhibition from the Design Museum, London

This exhibition, curated for the Design Museum by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, captures over twenty objects mid-manufacture, putting the aesthetic of the unfinished center stage. Varying from the £2 coin to a cricket bat, a surprising range of objects have been chosen by British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, founders of the design studio Barber & Osgerby, to be exhibited in an unfinished state, celebrating the intriguing beauty of the production process.

The objects have been selected because they each have an unexpected quality about them in those moments, hours or days before they assume their final, recognizable form. These points in the making process capture a peculiar and unconventional slice of time in the production of everyday objects such as tennis balls, banknotes and even diamonds. The show gives a glimpse of the designers’ ongoing dialogue with manufacturing that is so distinctive to their practice. Throughout their careers, Edward and Jay have had a technical curiosity and fascination with the making process. The way in which things are created has had a profound influence on them and continually inspires their work.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with the British Council for the “UK/UAE 2017” year of Creative Collaboration program.

photography copyright to Mirren Rosie

8 November 2017 - 11 February 2018

Community & Critique:SEAF 2016/2017

Cohort 4

Community and critique go hand in hand where rigorous reflection, questioning, and analysis support the advancement of content and form in one’s process and work. Access to materials, techniques, and methods support the development of ideas, and form reveals itself through multiple iterations of the work itself.

This show is the culmination of the yearlong Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship program (SEAF). These fifteen artists have worked side by side all year in a studio-based community, supporting one another by exchanging knowledge and critical dialogue along the way.

Bringing their works into Warehouse421 means stepping outside the intimacy of the SEAF studios, into the culture and community of the city. Presenting their work in a professional space provides an opportunity to share and speak about it with others; and thus becomes an important moment within their continuing process. The critique asks participants to articulate what they are thinking about and seeing, both formally and conceptually, contributing to the complexity and richness of process that leads to sustained artistic practice.

16 September 2017 - 11 February 2018


The In-Between

This exhibition examines the divide between the recent past and the assumed present. It aims to understand the dynamics between the set future, and the captivating narratives of our histories that are often romanticized. Hence, the exhibition title “ bayn -the in-between” which looks at that space in between those two prevailing narratives that is often rarely examined. The artists in the exhibition were invited to deconstruct and reconstruct labels, boundaries, and the assigned identities in order to understand this constant state of transformation.

25 February 2017 - 18 June 2017

Lest We Forget

Emirati Adornment: Tangible & Intangible

This exhibition presents a rich exploration of Emirati identity as conveyed through modes of adornment. The exhibition explores ‘tangible,’ lasting forms of adornment, including garments, burga, jewelry, weapons and attributes. It also embraces invisible aspects of adornment: the innate knowledge and skills needed to create evanescent adornment through the application of henna, kohl and fragrance, as well as through grooming and hairstyles. Emirati adornment, in all its complexity and beauty, is revealed through personal examples with insights offered by Emirati people. The highly interactive art exhibition welcomes visitor contribution of objects, memories and reflections pertaining to Emirati adornment.

4 February 2017 - 24 September 2017


Hundred Best Arabic Posters

Hundred Best Arabic Posters celebrates the diversity of visual cultures by collecting and choosing the best posters from across the Arab world, spreading knowledge about Graphic Design in the region through exhibitions and specialized talks and workshops. 

Hundred Best Arabic Posters is a yearly competition from the region for the region, and the rest of the world. Any designer from the region can participate in the competition; the poster should meet the following conditions: it must be in Arabic, and must have been published previously.

The best hundred posters are selected to be exhibited and published thanks to the professional judgement of an esteemed jury. The winning posters are rewarded with a traveling exhibition that stops in several countries within the Arab world. The first stop was in Amman, where the Hundred Best Arabic Posters were exhibited to the public as part of Amman Design Week activities that took place September, 2016. The second stop will be at Warehouse421 in Abu Dhabi.

15 November 2016 - 9 February 2017

Community & Critique Show. SEAF 2015/2016

Cohort 3

This show is the culmination of the yearlong Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship program (SEAF). Each year the Salama bint Hamdan Al Nahyan Foundation, in partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design, welcomes a group of emerging artists from across the UAE into this unique educational program.

The SEAF program consists of the artistic development process, the critique process, the immersive studio practice, and an online community. Through these pillars, Fellows can develop their artistic skills, establish a greater understanding of their work, and strengthen their ability to articulate their ideas. 

Community and critique go hand in hand, where reflection and analysis support the advancement of content and form. These sixteen artists have worked in a supportive studio-based community, enriched by knowledge exchange and critical dialogues. 

Bringing their works into Warehouse421 means stepping outside the intimacy of the SEAF studios, providing them with an opportunity to share their works with the community. The critique asks participants to articulate their works formally and conceptually, contributing to the complexity and richness of processes that lead to sustained artistic practice.

30 August 2016 - 2 October 2016


This exhibition invites visitors to experience passage, adjustability and mobility through the woks of Spanish artist Xavier Mascaro (b. 1965, Paris). Visitors can observe possibilities and meanings through the 18-meter iron ship shown at the entrance of Warehouse421, which is suitably located in Mina Zayed, inciting parallel dialogues between the artworks and the surrounding environment. Inside the exhibition, the 26 unique boats and documentation, along with the poems of reminiscence, survey thoughts, processes and experimentations that investigate notions of departure.

Mascaro employes a thematic that can be universal and personal. He transports visitors from ancient mythology and rampant totalities, to an icon that speaks to the historical specifics of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) community with its versatility. These relations manifest in traditional poems and songs that were instruments to convey what traveling really meant for the community, from longing to reuniting, and the essential emotions that bonded people together, and with the sea.

The UAE's geographical relation with the sea helped in creating strong trading, fishing and pearling industries that supported the community for years. Not only that, but it was also one that shaped the urban life and facilitated building the coastal cities that are witnessed today.

4 May 2016 - 16 October 2016

Art: Process & Practice
Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship

Within the overall exhibition programme of Warehouse421, an additional warehouse will showcase a selection of works from the Salama bint Hamdan Emerging Artists Fellowship program. Art, Process & Practice, presents the individual developments and procedures of creating and making art.

19 November 2015 - 28 February 2016

Mina Zayed: Through the Lens of Jack Burlot

This exhibition takes viewers through a day in the life of people of Al Mina. Personal moments are visually captured by the French photographer Jack Burlot providing an unobserved insight into their ways of living, daily happenings, qualities and characteristics.

19 November 2015 - 19 March 2016

1:100 The Warehouse Reimagined

To artistically explore the idea of transformation, and to highlight the authenticity of Mina Zayed, the exhibition presents diverse representations of 3-dimensional warehouse models. The works submitted are in response to a community call to imagine transformations exploring the preservation in revolutionary cities.

19 November 2015 - 19 March 2016

Lest We Forget: Emirati Family Photographs 1950-1999

Through a series of photographs spanning over 49 years, this exhibition presents an examination of the ideals of memory and creative expression documented by Emirati families. Shared with the public for the first time, this extensive collection of family photographs is complemented by a book which details histories and transcriptions of the inter- and intra-generational visual collaboration. The book takes viewers though grainy black and white prints, to glossy coloured polaroids.

19 November 2015 - 31 July 2016

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