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  • This July, Warehouse421 is the place to be for budding creatives, as the vibrant creative hub launches the 2018 edition of its Summer Club. The program places creative production processes in the spotlight with a packed schedule of workshops, which will run from 3 to 21 July and are open to participants of all abilities.

Evolving from last year’s successful summer program, ‘Summer Club: The Making Edition’ extends its focus to take an in-depth look at making processes and cultural practices. Visitors are encouraged to explore their creativity through engaging and informative sessions focusing on an array of craft-based disciplines, including working with textiles, leather and paper, together with digital arts such as photography and video production. The Summer Club will also present a series of technical workshops hosted by resident design studio Nagwa Design, covering 3D printing, laser cutting and lighting design using the professional in-house facilities.

Faisal Al Hassan, Manager of Warehouse421, said “It gives us great pleasure to unveil this year’s Summer Club program. The outstanding selection of workshops provides more opportunities for the community to come together and take their creativity more seriously and develop their making skills. Participants will learn about a diverse array of making processes in sessions tailored to different experience levels, with both introductory and intermediate workshops available. Whether you are a cultural aficionado or an absolute beginner, everyone is invited to come along and try out a new skill in a comfortable, inclusive environment. We look forward to welcoming participants from all walks of life for what is sure to be an enjoyable and enriching calendar of events that will help the community make the most of the summer”.

All ‘Summer Club: The Making Edition’ sessions will incorporate a balanced mixture of theory and hands-on experience, enabling participants to learn about the history and techniques relating to each discipline through the lens of UAE-based practitioners, before turning this knowledge into action and creating something unique for themselves. The sessions are open to all skill levels and, in most cases, no prior experience is required. Workshops in the program include:

  • July 3 – 4        Stitched Up: Introduction to Garment Making
  • July 5 – 7        Light and Shade: Introduction to Modular Lighting Design
  • July 6 – 7        Digital Motion: Introduction to Video
  • July 7               On Screen: Introduction to Screen Printing
  • July 8               Paper Trail: The Art of Paper Making
  • July 10 – 11   Hide and Seek: Working with Leather
  • July 13 – 14   New Dimensions: Introduction to 3D Printing
  • July 14            Swirl: Introduction to Paper Marbling
  • July 15            Needle and Thread: Introduction to Embroidery
  • July 19            Making Scents: Introduction to Perfume Making
  • July 19 – 21   Elegant Metal: Introduction to Jewellery Making
  • July 20 – 21   Photography Level 1: Semi-manual modes
  • July 3 – 21     Art Room: Self-service studio available for up to three hours. Visitors are provided with an unlimited array of acrylic paint in different colours. Canvasses are available for purchase in three sizes (45x35 60x45, 75x50), and the studio is open to painters of all skill levels, including beginners.