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Warehouse421 unveils November workshops and events

  • Structures of Impermanence by artist Talin Hazbar is the center’s newest exhibition that explores the architectural and cultural significance of water features
  • Sessions include macramé and plastic collage making, Arabic calligraphy, and screenings in collaboration with Cinema Akil and the Goethe-Institut


Abu Dhabi, UAE – 30 October 2019: Warehouse421 has announced its November program featuring a new exhibition, short courses, workshops and film screenings, seeking to engage members of the UAE public with a variety of art practices and creating discourse using regional narratives.

Starting 2 November and running until 29 December, Structures of Impermanence is the center’s newest exhibition, featuring artwork created by artist Talin Hazbar. The exhibition explores the architectural and cultural significance of water features, such as the Bah-rah, in traditional Syrian houses. Hazbar’s work inspects the connection between natural environment and material, and is augmented through extensive research into the social and historical contexts of that connection.

The November program kicks off on 3 November (17:30 - 20:30, AED 120), where Meredith Hudson, founder of Turquoise Boutique Studio in Dubai, will be heading The Art of Macramé. In the workshop, participants will be taught the basics of the textile-making process, enabling them to make a plant holder using cotton twine, jute, and yarn.

On 5 November and 6 November (17:30 - 20:30, AED 120), multimedia artist Noura Ali Ramahi, will be leading the workshop, Plastic Collage Making, where participants will learn how to recycle single-use plastic shopping bags and turn them into art. Filmmaker, Yazan Al Ghazzawi, returns to offer the short course, Developing a Short Film, starting on 6 November until 18 November (17:30 - 20:30, AED 900), taking students through the process of developing a short film script from first to final draft.

Also starting on 6 November and running until 8 November is The Fundamentals – Leather Making ‘Basics of Leathercraft’ (17:30 - 20:30, AED 450), taught by Naresh Kumar, founder and creative director of 24th Street. This three-day crash course, will give its participants an in-depth experience on all that is leathercraft, from techniques, types of leather to artisanal finishing and detailing. Throughout the sessions, participants will be able to make passport covers, luggage tags, cardholders and earphone/coin pouches for them to keep. For participants who have mastered the basics course and are seeking something more challenging, Kumar will also be leading the ‘Advanced Leather Crafting’ on 27 November (17:30 - 20:30, AED 800), where participants will progress to making a large-scale portable items such as cross-body or bucket style bags.

Meanwhile on 9 November (15:00 - 18:00, AED 295), photography enthusiasts will be able to participate in the workshop led by Finn Murray-Jones from Gulf Photo Plus, Photo Walk: Documenting Khalidiya. At the photo walk, participants will be able to visit one of the oldest public spaces in Abu Dhabi, Khalidiya Garden, and discover how the design of the park has influenced its surroundings, the activities that occurs within and around it, and what it reveals about Abu Dhabi’s culture and society. Participants will learn how photography can be used as a powerful tool in answering questions and understanding the depth of landscapes around them.

On 10 November (16:00 - 17:30, AED 600) running to 14 November, Zero Waste Table Design, a workshop led by Tareq Al Morad, will provide its participants with the opportunity to build furniture sustainably by using only wood waste, offcuts, and scraps of raw materials, showing participants the endless possibilities of zero waste design.

In partnership with Cinema Akil, Warehouse421 will be screening two new films as part of this season’s series titled Arabs and the City Series on 13 November. The first film titled Hajwalah, directed by Rana Jarbou is a short documentary that touches on the three approaches to graffiti and street art in Saudi Arabia, exploring the artist, the vandal, and the activist. The second film, Photocopy, directed by Tamer Ashry, is a comedic take on the obsoleteness of the routine and challenging the traditional, as protagonist Mahmoud embarks on a journey of self-discovery, as he desires to change his near-extinct lifestyle.

Gulf Photo Plus is also set to return to Warehouse421, with their workshop Photography Level 1, as budding photographers learn how to break free from on Auto Mode. Taking place on 15 November until 16 November, this two-day workshop will allow participants to explore creativity and composition in photography, ultimately leaving them with the confidence they need to shoot and craft photos in semi-manual modes.

From 16 November until 18 November, Marquetry Art (17:00 - 20:00, AED 1,320), a short course taught by handcraft artists Haya Sami and Majd Amouri, will provide its participants with lessons on the traditional art form using a contemporary take, wherein a software allows the artists to plot out their design beforehand and laser cutters allow them to assemble the patterns.

Also on 16-17 November, Majid Al Yousef and Wisam Shawkat will be heading introductory workshops to the art, history and development of Arabic calligraphy in Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy: Ruqa’a (17:30 - 20:30, AED 200), allowing participants to master a few basic strokes whilst exploring the elementary styles of Ruqa’a. Al In addition, Yousef and Shawkat will also run a workshop introducing another style of Arabic calligraphy in Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy: Diwani on 23 November and 24 November.

Artist, Sorour Amini is also set to return to lead a workshop on the intricate art of Paper Marbling, on 17 November (17:30 - 20:30, AED120). In the workshop, participants can expect to learn more about the art, its techniques, and create their own unique designs.

On 27 November (19:30 - 21:30, FREE), in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, the director’s cut of Goya, will be screened at Warehouse421. Directed by Konrad Wolf, the film shot on 70mm, portrays the evolution of Wolf’s art form after he turned away from the church and will showcase how Wolf’s influence is evident in the works of Luis Buñuel, Carlos Saura, and Sergei Eisenstein.

At the end of the month on 30 November (15:00 - 17:00, FREE), the Khayal Series: Book Reading For Children, makes a comeback just in time for UAE’s National Day. The featured book is Zayoodi Visits the Parade by Sarah Sillis, where four-year-old Zayoodi takes his Emirati flag and waves it at the National Day parade. The event provides children with the opportunity to feel more in touch with the UAE’s culture through art, games and experiences.

For more information on Warehouse421’s November events, and to sign up for sessions, please visit: