Warehouse421 launches its Homebound Residency Program.
The program aims to support creative practitioners in the region in producing new work and exploring digital forms of community engagement in their practices while socially-isolating. The residency program will offer residents a production budget that can go up to AED 30,000 that will go into the equipment and materials for the realization of their projects in their own spaces.

The Residency Program supports Warehouse421’s mission to contribute to the regional cultural ecosystem by encouraging deeper engagement of local and regional talents with digital communities. The program aims to support creative practices interested in exploring digital space in their practice, and to expand the ways artists and institutions use this space to engage with their public.


As the world continues to move much of its communal spaces into the digital, we need to be mindful of how we occupy this cyberspace. How can artists direct the conditions of being online​ not just as individuals, but as a community? Residencies are about new conversations and exchanges of ideas. How can the openness afforded us by remote workflows support existing practices? How can we unpack the potential that the digital holds for multidimensional conversations, and what can it do for the creative community that wasn't possible before? Warehouse421 Homebound Residency Program encourages creative practitioners to investigate these questions and more in their applications, and to explore new methods of community engagement that can support their current practices whether they result in digital or physical work.


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Current events have served to highlight the untapped potential of expanding forms of community engagement, and the residency will challenge creative practitioners to think deeply about connection, communication, and multidimensional interaction with their communities, and the various ways we reside digitally. Residents will identify mentors that can help guide them through the residency process, and Warehouse421 will provide material and logistical support to support new bodies of work looking out beyond the current pandemic, culminating in a digital exposition of process and work.
The Warehouse421 Homebound Residency Program is open to all creative practitioners, including but not limited to Visual Arts and Curation, Design and Technology, Literary Arts, Music, Culinary Arts, Theatre and Performance, in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region.

Warehouse421 will award up to 6 residencies, which will run for 3 months, from September to December 2020.

Applications are available online in both Arabic and English. The deadline for submission is 18 July 2020.


Applicants must be over 21 years of age. 

Disciplines include, but not limited to, Visual Arts and Curation, Design and Technology, Literary Arts, Music, Culinary Arts, Theatre and Performance. 

Applicants should not be enrolled in a degree program at the time the residency takes place. 


Click here to access the submission form.


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