Talismanic Textiles

Talismanic Textiles

26 March 2019

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Participants in this hands-on workshop will bring plain textiles to life with colorful designs and patterns inspired by talismanic symbols.  Taking inspiration from the Nomadic Traces exhibition, and the original artwork, ‘If Speech Is Silver…’ by Khalid Mezaina, participants will create stamps out of their designed motifs, which will then be used for printing repeat patterns onto plain textile surfaces.

Instructor: Khalid Mezaina, Designer

Age: 16+


Warehouse421 is proud to present another diverse program of workshops, an exhibition, short courses, film screenings and events for the people of Abu Dhabi and the UAE this March.

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This month marks the opening of Warehouse421’s latest exhibition, Nomadic Traces: Journeys of Arabian Scripts [opens 16 March], a new exhibition conceived and curated by Dr Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès, that explores the origins of six of the most influential alphabets in the history of the Middle East, and features new commissioned works by artists and designers from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

This month’s interactive program includes the commencement of a new short course decoding the theory and practice behind documentary films, and the next installment of our popular short course on designing and making brass and silver jewelry. 

Two-day workshops are also being offered for aspiring photographers that want to go from shooting in Auto Mode to using Semi-Manual Modes with confidence, and intermediate photographers that want to make the leap from Semi-Manual Modes to Full Manual Mode. 

The “Khayal” series in collaboration with Early Starters, which brings children’s books to life in imaginative ways, is marking Abu Dhabi’s “Month of Reading” – and the late Dr. Seuss’s birthday! – with a fun and interactive celebration of some children’s book favorites from around the world, featuring Shel Silverstein, a musical bear hunt, and one very hungry caterpillar, among others.    

The “Herstory: Film & The Arab Woman” series, being hosted in collaboration with Cinema Akil and featuring contemporary films by or about Arab women, will continue its run until April 2019, with Mamsous and Cactus Flower – being screened this month. 

Finally, we are proud to welcome the Residents of Art Dubai 2019 – Verónica Vázquez [Uruguay], José Manuel Mesías [Cuba], Flora Rebollo [Brazil], and Jerry B. Martin [Colombia] – to Warehouse421 and we are excited to be playing a part in their immersion in the UAE art scene.

As always, Warehouse421 is proud to be working with a number of local and international partners, including Art Dubai, Cinema Akil, Early Starters, and Gulf Photo Plus, and Khatt Foundation, among others, on its public programs and events this month. 

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