Creative Weekender

Celebrate art and design from the studio to the gallery at Warehouse421’s Creative Weekender from 7 – 11 March, including:


UPCOMING WORKSHOPS - Clay Jewelry Workshop


Clay Jewelry Workshop

28 July 18:30 - 20:00

Join us for our Clay Jewelry Making Workshop and leave with not one, but two pairs of your very own earrings! Is your aesthetic boho, floral, or minimalist? Cha has got you covered with a variety of styles for custom made clay earrings.


Learn how to bend, mold, shape, and design your own earrings using clay.

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UPCOMING WORKSHOPS - Crochet: Little Threads Big Idea


Crochet: Little Threads Big Idea

30 July 18:30 - 20:30

Discover the fundamentals of the craft of crochet! Young or old, crochet is a craft that welcomes all.

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UPCOMING WORKSHOPS - Wearable Wire Art Workshop


Wearable Wire Art Workshop

2 August 18:00 - 20:00

Create wearable art pieces using copper wire! 


This is more than just a workshop, it is a safe space for vulnerability, conversation, and creation. Find out more about wire art and its process, starting from producing line art drawings to working with wire to create wearable art.

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UPCOMING WORKSHOPS - Naranga, A Fruit Fable


Naranga, A Fruit Fable

6 August 12:00 - 14:00

Come one, come all food lovers!


Create a tablescape of wonder with the Yaffa orange and fresh and dried floral arrangements. Share stories of memory and nostalgia as you explore different physical elements of tablescaping, including layering, height, and texture. Learn how a simple fruit can construct a narrative of your own making! 

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Galleries & Artists

ATHR, Jeddah

Exhibiting artists: Abdulaziz Alrashidi, Aya Haider, Badr Ali, Dana Awartani, Ghada Al Rabea, Shaker Kashgari, Ushmita Sahu, Wafaa Abu Sadaa, Mohammed Abdul Rassoul

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, Dubai

Exhibiting artists: Abdullah Lutfi, Alan Mongey, Hazem Mahdy, Sara Al Hadad

Etihad Modern Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi

Exhibiting artists: Alaa Al Qedra, Maisoon Al Saleh, Taqwa Al Naqbi

Hafez Gallery, Jeddah

Exhibiting artists: Abdulrahman Al Shahed, Afsoon, Ali Chaaban, Awatef Al Safwan, Everitte Barbee, Khalid Zahid, Lina Gazzaz, Mai Al Moataz, Nouf Beydoun, Nora Alissa, Ola Fairag, Sarah Al-Abdali

Meem Gallery, Dubai

Exhibiting artists: Assadour, Dia Azzawi, Marwan, Munira Al Kazi

Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dhabi

Exhibiting artists: Abdul Aziz Al-Fadli, Fatema Al Mazroui, Hussain Sharif, Hamdan Buti Al Shamsi, Saoud Al Dhaheri


Gebracon Interior Design


Nuna Atelier

Tamilla Jazayeri


Food & Beverage

Al Qout


Hot buns

Manoos Bakery