30 JUNE-20 JuLY 2019

Warehouse421 is proud to be hosting the second season of Summer Club: The Making Edition, from 30 June – 20 July 2019.

Summer Club: The Making Edition is an intensive program of workshops exploring different aspects of the creative production process. It is designed for people with an interest in hands-on creative disciplines and emerging creative practitioners of varying skill levels, from beginners through to intermediate practitioners.

This year’s program encompasses a wide range of skills and activities, including working with textiles, fragrances and paper making, as well as sessions focused on screen printing.

All sessions feature a mix of theory and practice, enabling participants to learn about the history and principles of each discipline, before practicing it for themselves. No prior knowledge or experience is required, unless otherwise specified.

Throughout the season, visitors to Warehouse421 will also have the opportunity to explore Nomadic Traces: Journeys of Arabian Scripts and Lest We Forget: The Universality of Family Photographs, with both exhibitions running until 28 July.

There are no upcoming events right now, but check in again soon!