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100/100: Hundred Best Arabic Posters

6 February - 16 May
10:00 - 20:00

100/100: Hundred Best Arabic Posters

This round jury members consists of:

Wael Morcos—Graphic and Type Designer from Lebanon, and Partner at the Design Studio “Morcos Key” based in New York, USA


Möbius Studio—Hala Al-Ani, Hadeyeh Badri and Riem Hassan - Graphic Design Studio based in Sharjah, UAE


Shennawy—Painter and Designer from Egypt, and co-founder of TokTok magazine, Ninth Art Foundation and Cairo Comics festival, based in Brussels, Belgium


Mohammad Sharaf—Designer and Director of “Sharaf Studio” based in Kuwait


The posters are divided into three categories: 

A for commissioned work for the commercial, social or cultural sector.

B for self-initiated posters for experimental purposes and not commissioned by an  organization or necessarily published

C Designed for academic purposes under academic supervision in design schools


For the first time we opened the submission for moving posters that complement the printed version. In total over 2100 posters from 36 countries were received, showing the growing community, reach and influences of the Arabic visual culture today. 




This year's version will display one winning poster a day for 100 days on Warehouse421's facade, our website, and social media platform. Follow this page and our account on Instagram to see the details of each winning entry.




Nora Aly

“Artists imagine the future” exhibition, curated by Ishkar Artisans for United Nations Museum, exploring the theme of future cities and climate change


100-100-a-1224-601e77aabbc72.jpg (original)


Nada Adel

Series of posters designed for the visual identity of Cairoprints exhibition 2020 at Cairopolitan

100-100-a-1139-601f9860b9d16.jpg (original)