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Food Photography and Styling: Don’t Eat It, Photograph It

Food Photography and Styling: Don’t Eat It, Photograph It


This is an invitation for food lovers, artists, and photographers interested in cooking, food photography, or eating to view in this food styling and photography turorial.

The content of the tutorial focuses mainly on:

  • •how to style the scene using various props, backgrounds and food ingredients
  • •how to apply compositions and different framing techniques
  • •how to implement some food photography tricks (in-air floating ingredients for example)


Viewers will gain a better understanding of how to create a still life out of various food ingredients, and how to push the boundaries of props and food elements to use them in a creative out of the box manner when photographing for their personal, branding or social media handles.

This tutorial will not produce commercial-looking, highly refined imagery, instead, participants are expected to put their own personal touches on the still lives.