Pattern Making

Pattern Making

24 September 2019

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What’s the key to designing a dress with the perfect fit? As participants of this workshop will learn, the answer lies in skilled patternmaking. The key to patternmaking, in turn, is understanding the relationship between pattern, body, and garment. Participants will tailor a garment from scratch, from learning basic terms such as warp, weft, and bias to making a toile and holding a fitting. It is designed to challenge, requiring participants to alter and adjust until their garment fits just right. Led by Engy Mahdy, who has designed her own luxury menswear label, the course will run for six weeks.

Instructor: Engy Mahdy 
Age: 16+ 



Course structure

Part 1: Introduction to patternmaking ( 24, 25 September ) 


How fabric grains (warp, weft, bias) behave in relation to the body

Understanding the body in 3D

Drafting a block

Walking and trueing patterns

Making a pattern to fit

Balance, fit, and reading of the garment and making alterations


Draping a basic skirt block on mannequin

Transfering block to flat pattern

Proper industry labelling of the pattern

Cutting and sewing the pattern

Part 2: Intermediate patternmaking ( 8, 9, 22, 23 October) 


Understanding how and where to add volume

Slashing and spreading the garment

Adding pleats and gathers

Appropriate dart locations

Dart manipulation using the pivoting and slashing methods

How to read a design of your choice and translate it into a pattern, adjusting as needed


Making your first toile and holding a fitting

Alter the garment on the body and transfering it back onto a pattern

Part 3: Advanced patternmaking ( 12, 13, November) 

Understanding what you can design according to your pattern knowledge

Fitting a proper sleeve

Bias Cutting

Developing a design through pattern variations