Roundtable Discussion with The Cup and The Saucer Interns

14 March
15:00 - 16:30

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Roundtable Discussion with The Cup and The Saucer Interns

This session is an informal roundtable discussion, led by the interns involved in the making and creating of the ‘The Cup and The Saucer’ exhibition.

The talk aims to shed light on the process of exhibition-making from the perspective of the interns involved, in-cluding working first-hand with the artist and the curator.



Hessa Al Nuaimi
Hessa Al Nuaimi is an Emirati student at NYU Abu Dhabi, majoring in Art and Art History. Her current research project focuses on the effect of the Cultural Foundation on Abu Dhabi’s art and culture scene. Additionally, Al Nuaimi currently works with The Arts Center at NYUAD as a Pre-paratory and Curatorial Student Assistant where she served as managing exhibition assistant for The Cup and The Saucer.

Daniel Rey
Daniel Rey is a multidisciplinary artist and cultural re-searcher from Paraguay and Colombia, educated in Nor-way. Currently studying Theater and Social Research-Public Policy at NYU Abu Dhabi, Rey is working on develop-ing “Ñ’E” the first multimedia platform dedicated to Para-guayan stories. He is also pioneering the concept of “triple youth”: young people, in young art spaces, in a young country, the UAE. Over the past few years, he has sup-ported and assisted curators and artists at Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Project, Abu Dhabi Art and at NYU Abu Dhabi as well as in other locations.

Jakob Plaschke
Jakob Plaschke is a student at NYU Abu Dhabi, majoring in Arab Crossroads Studies and minoring in Arabic and Politi-cal Science. Born and raised in Denmark, Plaschke Re-search focuses on the political role of LGBT+-organizations in Tunisia. He is also the Editor-in-Chief at the NYU Abu Dhabi student-run newspaper, The Gazelle. Plaschke also works with the curatorial team at the Arts Center at NYUAD, using his editorial experience to enrich the cura-torial aspects of the ‘The Cup and The Saucer’ exhibition.

Noor Althehli
A NYU Abu Dhabi graduate, where she majored in both Visual Arts and Film & New Media, Noor Althehli is an abstract and contemporary artist. Her practice focuses on her interest in the exploration of material and texture. She is currently an assistant artist, and a freelance photogra-pher.


About the exhibition:
The Cup and The Saucer is an exhibition that explores the breadth of the notions of unity, separation, and individual-ism. The show seeks to discuss the metaphoric and mo-mentary divorce that takes place when a cup parts from its saucer; and, how within that moment, and that move-ment of estrangement, a single item breaks into two. A once whole object becomes two separate individuals. To learn more, click here.