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Tablescaping: A Workshop Through the Narration of a Story

23 October
16:00 - 18:30

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Tablescaping:  A Workshop Through the Narration of a Story

There’s nothing quite as exciting as an opening night. The moment where a whole team shares the fruits of their labor with the world to see. An event like this deserves to be both experiential and emotive.


In this Tablescaping workshop, Anoud will take you on a two and a half hour journey through creating a tablescape fit for an opening night. Inspired by Warehouse421 and Mina Zayed, participants will use elements from the surrounding area and space itself to create tables that tell stories about art and design.


The workshop will cover the process from inspiration and exploration to implementation and execution; designing for both emotional and practical requirements. The group will then have a joint feedback session and Q&A..

Requirements (from participants)


Age: 16+


Language: This workshop will be conducted in English. 


About the instructor:

Anoud is an architect, experience designer and movement instructor. Through her work, Anoud loves to explore the interplay between seemingly unrelated disciplines and styles to create new experiences that are multisensorial and immersive. Growing up on her family farm informed Anoud’s basic design philosophy which focuses on bringing nature back into our lives through mindset, movement, lifestyle and space.

Anoud is a graduate of the Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at the American University of Beirut and is currently based in Dubai.