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Tariff: Publishing Platforms & Commissioning

1 June
19:00 - 20:30

Tariff: Publishing Platforms & Commissioning

Homebound Residency Event

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A panel discussion that includes Tariff's co-founders Batool Desouky and Zain Mahjoub and three of their contributors to discuss the dynamics of making work specifically for the digital realm. The panel will explore the offerings of the digital space versus physical platforms and will highlight particularities of online publishing through the experience of building and working for Tariff. 


  • What part of the creation process changed when working for an online space? What got left out? What was made possible?
  • Context: How do you think of the work sitting in a larger context in an online space? How is it more connected, how is it more isolated?
  • What does it “mean” for a project to be online-only? Beyond the pandemic and its limitations.