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The Cup and The Saucer

1 September - 25 October
10:00 - 20:00

The Cup and The Saucer

The Cup and The Saucer is an exhibition that explores the breadth of the notions of unity, separation, and individualism. The show seeks to discuss the metaphoric and momentary divorce that takes place when a cup parts from its saucer; and, how within that moment, and that movement of estrangement, a single item breaks into two. A once whole object becomes two separate individuals.  

Throughout the exhibition, individualism is highlighted through the exploration of the self as a single entity and its role and responsibility as a part of a larger whole or a unit. From that, an anthropological sketch of the behavioural environment is loosely tied to our understanding of the cultural landscape of the United Arab Emirates. The notion of a social structure, in the context of the cultural landscape, cannot be reconfigured for the individual unless looked at in isolation, and transformation cannot exist within the paradigms of something that is fixed. The understanding of spectrums and opposite extremes is carried out throughout the exhibition in order to soothe the anxieties that surface in this navigation of extreme contraries. Duality becomes understood as a pacifier of these anxieties. In this back and forth, between that which is fluid (the self) and that which is fixed (structure), a tension arises that seeks belonging. Isolation becomes the solace of the actual authorship of the self before it can be placed back into the larger unit of community and the preset structures of tradition and time.  

The exhibition asks a question and offers an open-ended answer through the nine subthemes proposed- Birth and Earth; Versailles; Linger and Departure; First Glance, Control and Guilt; The Cup and The Saucer; Screensavers; Sprinkles; Rejection and Reflection and the Curated Room. The subthemes are dependent on one another, in the same vein as the cup and the saucer. The collaborative spirit of artist Hashel Al Lamki allows him to work through various mediums such as video, painting, and sculpture. The exhibition presents a contemporary visual dichotomy and harmony that pushes and pulls the viewer throughout their experience. The majority of the artwork has been produced between three main cities, Cairo, New York, and Abu Dhabi, and these locations further fuel the discussions of the themes in and outside the context of the United Arab Emirates.  


This exhibition is on show at Warehouse421 from 1 September to 25 October 2020.


In the following video, join curator Munira Al Sayegh and artist Hashel Al Lamki for an overview of the themes spanning “The Cup and The Saucer," the first major solo exhibition for Al Lamki in which he explores the breadth of the notions of unity, separation, and individualism.


To get a glance at the artist and curator's process, Nadine Khalil goes behind the scenes with Hashel Al Lamki and Munira Al Sayegh to discuss their exhibition, where they talk about process, their Monday Meetings, and the lives of objects amongst other things, in this two-part studio visit: 



For more information on Munira Al Sayegh's process, take a look at Reconciliation is happening: An interview with Munira Al Sayegh by Shaikha Al Ketbi.


For a deeper dive into the exhibition, follow Nadine Khalil in the series Figure and Ground where she synthesizes particular threads of artistic practice from the point of view of co-creation, polyphony, and community: 

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2. Screen Time Part 1: The Hyperreal in 24 Degrees North 

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