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You Are Here: An Adventure in Mapping Exploration and Observation

5 June

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You Are Here: An Adventure in Mapping Exploration and Observation

This workshop aims to introduce students to the creative process of mapping. Artists, photographers, and designers have long appropriated maps as a means to document and make sense of experience and place. Traditional maps say ‘this is how the place is,’ but artists weave their narratives into subjective, personal, and equally valuable perceptions of place.


Participants will become psychogeographers and learn how to make personal maps through a creative process of observation and reflection. They will encounter different ways to record, including photography, drawing, written word, and artifact. They will learn how to collate a visual collection into a meaningful representation of a place.


The end of the course will culminate in a collaborative map that will reflect their journeys and experiences.


About the instructor:

Catherine Donaldson is an International award-winning Illustrator and Educator. In 2019 and virtually in 2020, she exhibited at the Abu Dhabi book fair and subsequently was commissioned to illustrate a children’s book, which she has just completed. Catherine also won the Professional Illustration prize, and in the same summer, was a prizewinner at the Cheltenham Illustration awards. She exhibits regularly and has a prestigious client list.

 Her work has  been profiled in Gulf news and in The National. Catherine is currently one of eleven artists and photographers chosen to participate in a mentorship programme in association with Gulf Photo Plus and Warehouse 421.


Workshop schedule:

15 mins - Introduction to the artistic practice of mapping. Show examples and discuss possible stories

1 hour -1 hour 15 - Collection of materials - making drawings and taking photographs

1 hour 30 mins - planning, printing and exhibiting